we contribute to the circular economy
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TW Composting is committed to being the UK’s trusted market-leading composting and organics reprocessor of choice through market disruption, consolidation of independent operators and process optimisation.

TW Composting has built confidence and credibility through its existing operating network and now seeks to invest in the UK low carbon economy through intelligent acquisition to unlock value in existing, established businesses, by optimising processing operations and delivering fixed-term contracts from local authorities and commercial & industrial customers.

Our management team have proven experience of optimising resource processing operations utilising the ‘ITORO’ model where each component of the business through inputs, throughputs, outputs are reviewed and optimised to unlock value.

We bring over 85 years of waste and resources management experience, committed leadership and are focused on developing and nurturing a culture of safety, customer service and quality throughout its operations.


TW Composting is part of the Earthworm community. Earthworm is an environmental fund manager which only backs projects that will have a positive social or environmental impact.

Earthworm works closely with industry professionals from power, waste, food and property to source, develop and nurture start-up and scale-up businesses with significant commercial potential.